How it Work

How it Works–How A2D Auto Films Work

A2D Auto Films provide long lasting repair and protection with no maintenance needed

Headlight Restoration like No Other

If you’ve ever tried to restore your faded headlights, you’ll know the films need regular maintenance. Maybe you even experimented with a product that damaged the look of your headlights or reduced night time visibility. A2D Auto Films are designed to work and designed to last, thanks to the high quality of the film provided. No further maintenance is needed.

Simply put, once the faded, yellow surface of your lenses has been removed with the easy sanding process, A2D Auto Films will do the rest. Your headlights will be restored and protected from fading or turning yellow again. All other lens restoration products require periodic reapplication to maintain the lens's clarity. With A2D Auto Films you can relax. After the 1-2-3 application process, your lenses will be restored, with results that last for years to come.

Unrivaled Headlight Protection

A2D Auto Films not only restore and repair damaged lenses, but the high quality film protects against cracking from rocks, stones and tough weather conditions. Unlike all other products available, A2D Auto Films offer complete,

Now you can avoid chipping, scratching and general wear and tear on your headlights by using A2D Auto Films. Once installed, your headlights will be 100% protected from rock and stone damage and won’t fade from the elements, leaving your car looking brand new for longer.

A2D Auto Films offer complete restoration and protection in one easy product at an affordable price, with a step-by-step application process and long lasting results. The A2D Auto Films come complete in a kit with:

  • Plenty of material to cover your headlights for any car size
  • Sanding discs with Velcro pads
  • Plastic snap knife for cutting excess material
  • Pre-filled 8OZ spray bottle with gel solution

How to Apply A2D Auto Films

You can apply A2D Auto Films to your lenses with a simple three-step process

If you’ve tried other lens protectors before, then you’ll know they require regular reapplications of the paste or polish to maintain your lense’s clarity. They don’t protect your headlights from wear and tear either.A2D Auto Films are designed to last for years with no need for lens replacement or maintenance. Just an easy way to repair and protect the clarity of your lenses.

Wet Sand The Yellow or Faded Lens

Wet sanding your plastic lens thoroughly will yield best results. Simply apply masking tape to the surrounding painted areas and wet sand the lens with water. Using the provided sanding sheets, start with 400grit, then 800grit, and move up to 3000grit in this order, to remove the yellowing faded layer from the lens. Be sure to wet sand the lens completely with every grit using alternating, circular strokes. Remove the tape and wipe the lens clean with running water.

Apply The Film with The Supplied Gel Solution

Begin by spraying a liberal amount of gel onto the lens. Next, peel the protective liner from the film and spray the adhesive side. Lay the film with the adhesive side down onto the lens. Lightly mist the top side of the film to enable your squeegee to slide easily across. Start with the area of the lens closest to your vehicle's grille. Stretch the film gently towards the fender, until you start to see it lay flat to the top and bottom curves. Be sure to squeegee out the residual moisture by overlapping your strokes.

Trim The Film Near The Edges of The Lens

Start by using the supplied plastic snap knife to trim any long or straight edges first, without applying too much pressure. Lightly scour to remove any excess film and then round and trim the corners. You might find that some edges try to lift during this process, if the film isn't dry yet. To avoid this, wrap your squeegee in a paper towel. This will help dry the edges and give them a straight, even trim. Repeat the procedure with the other lens. It’s as easy as one-two-three.

Why Buy A2D Auto Films?

A2D Auto Films give your headlights long lasting repair and damage protection

Save Yourself Money

A2D Auto Films offer the perfect solution for any headlight that has faded or turned yellow. By restoring your lenses to perfect condition, you can save money on replacing expensive headlights that can exceed $500 for one replacement lens. The application process is easy too, which means you’ll save on taking your car to the garage as well.

And Valuable Time

All other restoration products on the market require some type of reapplication to maintain the lens's clarity. This takes time and can be a real problem when you work hard and don’t want to spend your free moments repairing your headlights. A2D Auto Films are made from high quality materials designed to last for years. So now you can spend your free time how you choose.

Easy to Apply

A2D Auto Films couldn’t be easier to apply. As easy as one-two-three, in fact. You won’t have to go to your dealership or shell out on expensive replacements. You won’t need to buy any extra parts to correctly apply the films. Simply follow the three-step application process using the materials included in the kit and restore and protect your headlights in minutes.

Solutions in 1 Product

Not only do A2D Auto Films restore damaged lenses and improve visibility, but they also offer 100% protection from the elements. Prevent damage from rocks, stones and harsh weather conditions. Avoid cracking, scratching and chipping, and keep your headlights looking like new for longer. A2D Auto Films offer two solutions in one simple product.

The Complete Headlight Restoration and Protection Kit
  • Durable –Strong film tested to last years, not just a few months

  • Simple –Easy installation and no maintenance required time

  • Protection –Lenses are protected from possible rocks, stones and cracking

  • Clear –Crystal clear like brand new, without the high cost of replacement lenses