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The complete headlight restoration and protection kit

Lens Armor from A2D Auto Films will repair and protect your headlights for years to come.

Repairing cracked or damaged headlights can be expensive. Although lens protectors are a more affordable option, their effects may only last a few months. Lens Armor lens protectors provide a long lasting, maintenance-free and inexpensive solution to repair and protect your headlights.

The Complete Headlight Restoration and Protection Kit
  • Durable –Strong film tested to last years, not just a few months

  • Simple –Easy installation and no maintenance required time

  • Protection –Lenses are protected from possible rocks, stones and cracking

  • Clear –Crystal clear like brand new, without the high cost of replacement lenses

Other lens protector products yield temporary, unsatisfactory results. Some of them even leave your headlights with an unattractive frontal appearance, or lower night time vision.

A2D Auto Films protect your headlights from wear and tear, exposure to tough conditions and cracking. The film’s restorative properties also mean that you won’t have to shell out on replacement lenses of up to $500 for just one new lens.

With an easy-to-follow, step-by-step sanding process, you can install A2D Auto Films yourself, without having to visit the garage. The protective film will clarify and prevent your lenses from fading or turning yellow again.

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